EZSurv® Post-Processing software


With EZSurv® latest version, Effigis brings you centimeter accuracy at a single keystroke. Literally, simply import your survey or GIS raw data into EZSurv and let it do the work for you.

EZSurv automatically:
  • analyzes your data
  • selects and imports on your PC the closest base stations data for differential calculation
  • imports on your PC precise orbits and clocks for Precise Point Positioning (PPP)
  • supports most of the GNSS satellite constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou/Compass)
  • can achieve millimeter/centimeter-level accuracy
  • ensures legit access to base station providers if required
  • manages time synchronization between your data and the reference data (base station and/or precise Orbits and Clocks)
  • instantly delivers corrected data

EZSurv version 2.92 also offers an enhanced, user-friendly Google Earth-based interface, which gives you access to detailed information about more than 10,000 base stations.

Simply watch the video below to see EZSurv in action.


GNSS Receiver Format Compatibility

  • Arrow series
  • Altus
  • Ashtech
  • BAP Precision
  • Carlson
  • CHC Navigation
  • Effigis
  • Hemisphere GNSS
  • ikeGPS
  • Javad
  • Kolida
  • Magellan eXplorist Pro 10
  • NavCom
  • NovAtel
  • NVS Technologies AG
  • Pentax
  • Septentrio
  • SiRF
  • South GPS
  • Stonex
  • TechGeo
  • Topcon
  • u-blox (GPS & GLONASS)

Field Data Collection Software Compatibility

  • ArcPad from ESRI
  • FieldGenius from MicroSurvey
  • OnPOZ EZTag CE™ from Effigis
  • OnPOZ EZField™ from Effigis
  • OnPOZ GNSS Control Panel from Effigis
  • IKE GPS data acquisition software
  • SurvCE from Carlson Software
  • BAP GeoAssist Software
  • BAP Precision Geo Mobile Solution

EZSurv Main Features

  • Automatic connection to many base station data providers
  • Automatic connection to many precise orbit providers
  • Supports raw data from all GNSS constellation
  • Supports static and kinematic mode
  • Least-squares adjustment module for redundant GNSS vectors
  • Supports most coordinate systems
  • Supports different Geoid formats
  • Many QA tools

Supported Processing Mode

Differential (using base station data as a reference site):

  • Vector/baseline between static antennas
  • Trajectory from moving antennas
  • Kinematic/semi-kinematic from stop-and-go mode (supports initialization process for L1 receiver)

Precise Point Positioning (using precise orbits and clocks as a reference):

  • Static (several epochs generating one position)
  • Kinematic (moving antenna, stop-and-go)

White Label GNSS Post-Processing Software

Take our cutting-edge EZSurv post-processing software and call it yours. EZSurv is available to end-users, and as White Label to OEMs/VARs.

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