GNSS Control Panel – Record raw GNSS data

Achieve the best accuracy

The GNSS Control Panel allows you to record raw GNSS data from different receiver brands for post-processing with EZSurv.


Record raw GNSS data for post-processing

This simple raw data recording software adds the power of post-processing by allowing you to collect valuable GNSS observations along with some helpful metadata entries to ensure the very best accuracy from the GNSS receiver of your choice.

Ready for effective post-processing

When using the GNSS Control Panel along with EZSurv’s post-processing software, you can count on effortless post-processing at a single keystroke. EZSurv automatically post-processes your data using GNSS base stations located around the world. Post-processing enables greater accuracy and reliability: a must when it comes to data integrity. GNSS Control Panel runs under the Windows and Windows Mobile operating systems.

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Stéphanie Gosselin

Sales Representative – GNSS Solutions