About Effigis

What we do

We design innovative solutions for companies and organizations in North America whose operational efficiency relies on geographic data analysis.

Effigis Geo-Solutions (Effigis) has been a leader in geospatial information for over 30 years. The company serves many industries, including telecommunications, energy, mining, oil and gas, and engineering.

We rely on a wide selection of geospatial data collection tools to provide services ranging from land information collection to the development of custom solutions that address land mapping, field operations tracking, asset management and cable network monitoring needs.

At Effigis, technological innovation is a constant concern. Our staff does everything possible to meet the needs of our customers, while prioritizing respect for deadlines and established costs.

In 2023, Effigis was acquired by Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. As an industry leader with more than 80 years of diverse experience as a foundation, Osmose leverages decades of inspection data, using analytics to help customers understand their asset health and optimize their approach to structure maintenance. Osmose also provides corrosion mitigation and engineered repair for steel structures, structural load analysis, and a variety of turnkey infrastructure enhancement and upgrade solutions.

Effigis is certified ISO 9001: 2015

Our history

An employer of choice, Effigis currently has more than 130 multidisciplinary employees trained to meet the specific needs of each client, regardless of the sector of activity, size or location of the project.

Founded in 1991 as VIASAT GeoTechnologies (VGI Solutions in the U.S.), the company initially offered services in remote sensing, mapping and satellite positioning. It quickly built an enviable reputation in the field of geomatics and gained the trust of clients from various sectors.

With the addition of three senior partners, the company adds unparalleled expertise in geographic information systems (GIS), telecommunications and geology.

In 2012, the increasing growth of our international activities led us to review our corporate identity. This is how VIASAT became “Effigis Geo-Solutions Inc. A growth curve then began that allowed us to go and find several new clients both nationally and internationally.

Over the years, the company has developed two product lines: CPAT systems for cable network monitoring and the OnPOZ software suite for geospatial data collection and GNSS signal processing.

Today, Effigis designs, develops and implements innovative geospatial solutions to optimize our clients’ business processes.

Management team

Claude Levasseur

Senior Vice President

Mike Honeyman

Vice President
Business Development Western Canada

Manon Blackburn

Director of Operations

Stéphanie Asselin

Director of Human Resources