Founded in 1991 by Denis Parrot and Pierre Vincent under the name of VIASAT GeoTechnologies (VGI Solutions in the United States), the company initially offered remote detection, mapping and satellite positioning services. It quickly built an enviable reputation in geomatics and gained the trust of clients from various sectors of activity.

In 1994, two other partners joined the VIASAT team: Claude Levasseur and Magella Bouchard. This partnership brought in unparalleled expertise in geographic information systems (GIS) and telecommunications. Michel Rheault is the fifth partner to become part of the team in 2005 bringing with him many years of experience in geology.


In 2012, its increasing activities led it to review its corporate identity. And this is how VIASAT became “Effigis Geo-Solutions Inc.”. This started them on a growth curve that resulted in the acquisition to this date of many new clients both nationally and internationally.

Today, Effigis designs, develops and implements innovative geospatial solutions to optimize the business processes of its clients. Various solutions have been proposed for Earth observation, geospatial data management and collection, and telecommunications, as well as three product lines: CPAT systems for cable network monitoring, the OnPOZ software suite for GNSS satellite positioning and the distribution and resale of satellite images.

As a preferred employer, Effigis currently has over 190 highly versatile employees trained to meet the specific needs of each client, regardless of their sector of activity, scope or location of the project.

With its promising future, Effigis remains committed to surpassing expectations to offer unparalleled service to its vast clientele.