Brazil – Regional Lithostructural Study and Evaluation of Gold Potential

To increase geological and metallogenic understanding of the sector and to recommend favourable zones for gold exploration.

Project Start
April 2017
Project Duration
5 months

Project conducted for Belo Sun Mining


  • To increase geological and metallogenic understanding of the sector;
  • To recommend favourable zones for gold exploration.


The mandate was carried out by the Canadian exploration company Belo Sun Mining in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. Small-scale and artisanal exploration and mining activities were being carried out in the study zone.

Challenges were as follows:
  • Vast territory (1,700 km2) with abundant plant cover;
  • Little in terms of regional geological data.

Need for improving geological and metallogenic understanding aimed at identifying targets for gold

● To improve geological understanding (structural architecture, lithostratigraphic settings, geotectonic evolution);
● To improve metallogenic understanding (gitological models);
● To orient exploration by proposing targets for gold.

Implemented Solution: Remote Mapping

  • Remote mapping based on Landsat8 multispectral satellite imaging analysis;
  • Airborne geophysics (magnetic and radiometric data);
  • Topography (SRTM), and;
  • Field observations and geochemical data (soil and rock).

Implemented Solution: Geostatistical Processing

We applied geostatistical processing (PCA, Clustering) to geochemical and geophysical databases, with the following objectives:
  • To establish relationships between the variables;
  • To define homogenous sets;
  • To enhance the signal.

Implemented Solution: Combining Two Targeting Approaches

  • A knowledge-driven approach, which uses geological and metallogenic understanding (sought-after geological model);
  • A supervised data-driven approach, based on the statistical relationship between geological parameters (density of hydrothermal elements, geochemical anomalies, areas of structural complexity).


  • Mapping of lithological and alteration domains;
  • Structural mapping, identification of kinematics and geodynamic evolution;
  • Identification of favourable intrusions (chemical and geophysical classification);
  • Gold targets (multilayer integration).

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