Inspection, Structural Analysis and Retreatment of Wood Poles

Optimized inspection and management of network assets

Project Start:
May 2005

This mandate, which has been ongoing for the past ten years is designed to provide all labour and material—computer and technical—required in order to carry out GPS positioning, inspection and in performing a precise condition assessment and retreatment of wood poles used on the distribution network of Hydro-Québec.


Hydro-Québec’s pole inspection program requires the collection of approximately 80 attributes for each pole. The scope of the inspection work is limited to the poles belonging to Hydro-Québec in its distribution network (or for a specific request, to the power transmission system) as well as some equipment belonging to Hydro-Québec or a third-party on the pole.

The inspections are carried out based on the data extracted from Hydro-Québec’s GIS corporate system and returned to GIS after approval from Hydro-Québec following the final delivery of inspection results. This project therefore requires thorough geospatial know-how and tools.


Given the importance of the issues, quality control and integrity of data is definitely the main challenge to overcome in this project. The challenge involves ensuring process uniformity based on automated management for project control and quality assurance tools.

The vastness of the Quebec territory may complicate activities during the inspection season. Although we do extensive planning before starting activities, unforeseen problems are avoidable during this type of project.


  • Experienced on-site teams
  • Professional teams for project management and quality control
  • A solution facilitating logistics and the up-to-date and effective deployment of employees
  • Project management tools based on GIS (Geographic Information System) solutions adapted to projects for vast territories
  • Use of precise, state-of-the-art equipment and tools


The project clearly demonstrates Effigis’ ability to simultaneously manage a large number of teams to carry out infrastructure inspection activities for large-scale projects. This expertise assures that activities run smoothly for all types of environments, such as difficult settings to access in rural areas or within areas where mobility and density of the urban fabric may impose operational constraints. In spite of all the issues for deploying the activities on an extensive diversified territory, Effigis is still able to provide the client with a high-quality inspection service and accurate, proven data.

Key takeaways

  • Singular expertise in planning and managing large-scale infrastructure inspection projects
  • Optimized geospatial expertise for carrying out large-scale projects requiring enhanced logistics for managing a large number of teams in the field
  • Service with integrity and data integrity

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Claude Levasseur

Senior Vice-President – Geospatial & Asset Management