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CPAT FLEX Digital Leakage Promotion

DRV4 & DRV3 Lite — Combo Kit

Continuous Ride-out and Find-and-Fix meter

Ensure total quality for your OSP network and in-home shielding integrity testing. Easily find and fix the smallest, hardest-to-find sources of interference within your plant.


Our combined package DRV4 / DRV3 Lite / DSG1 Lite or DSG1 ensures total quality for network and in-home installations, by tracking potential cable shielding integrity issues. It provides an effective and unique opportunity for the cable operators to pro-actively certify their HFC network before they turn into costly service calls.

The DRV4 is a vehicle-based digital leakage receiver designed to operate in both digital and analog cable networks. Once combined with the ARD4 autonomous recording device, it becomes a powerful, fully automated leakage monitoring platform that operates in the background while technicians drive their routes, without operator interaction. You can install it and forget it!

The DRV3 Lite combo kit is your dual-mode, dual frequency agile, all-digital leakage portable find-and-fix meter. It can operate either in ‘pressure test mode’, detecting high level carriers generated by the portable DSG1 Lite signal generator, or in ‘system mode’, detecting leakage carriers generated from the DSG1 signal generator located at the head-end.

The technician can switch from system mode to pressure test mode by pressing a single button. With its lightweight dual-tuner design, the DRV3 Lite provides simultaneous visual and audible tone indication of detected leaks in the VHF and UHF bands.

Key Takeways

  • Complete leakage tool kit (ride-out and find-and-fix meter)
  • Fully agile 118-140 MHz (mid-band) and 600-860 MHz (LTE-band)
  • Cost-effective, portable dual-band leakage meter and signal generator (find-and-fix)
  • Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, cellular
  • Real-time RF level display of dual frequencies and full access to the web-based PNM management application
  • Available mobile application
  • Remote-PHY deployment ready

Combo Kit Promotion

For the price of one combo kit you will benefit from our continuous ride-out and find-and-fix meter package.


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