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CPAT Web Application v. 4.129 Is Now Available!


Effigis today released v. 4.129 of the CPAT Web application. This new release focuses on adding support for Google Maps and OpenStreetMap.

Significant changes to the application architecture allow to now support Google Maps and OpenStreetMap cartographic sources. From a user’s perspective, the changes are visible in the address calculation and map display area:


  • New colors. – Larger display area
  • New controls for zoom and translation of the map
  • Added support for layers to be displayed with the icon “///” next to the legend
  • The information bubble of an event is triggered by clicking on the event (more stable) instead of using the mouse over
  • In the Reports/Summary function, adding functionality that initiates the information window when you click on a region/city/sector.

The image below illustrates the differences between versions 4.028 and 4.129:

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