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Effigis congratulates Claude Levasseur: Winner of the 2016 GAÏA Award

October 20, 2016, Montreal—Effigis is proud to announce the nomination of Claude Levasseur, Vice-President—Geomatics, as the winner of the 2016 GAIA Award.

The GAIA Award is given to a person working in private business, government or education to recognize the remarkable contribution in the field of geomatics in Quebec. It was at the Montreal Convention Centre as part of the 2016 Geomatics Symposium, held by the Montreal section of the Canadian Institute of Geomatics (CIG), that Mr. Levasseur was given this award.

“I am humbled and honoured to receive this award that has previously been given to some pioneers in the industry: scientists, entrepreneurs and high-ranking officials. This award serves as recognition of my involvement and the energy used to revitalize this industry over the past thirty years, as well as my determination to identify innovative fields to apply it, such as in projects involving infrastructures and public utilities. I am thrilled to see that this innovation will continue to be used in new areas such as connected objects and smart cities, which are incredible challenges for our young people of today. Geomatics is an industry with great potential; this will continue to be so in the upcoming years for all sectors of activity,’’ said Mr. Levasseur.

Claude Levasseur has a Bachelor’s degree in Surveying, and studies in Business Informatics from Laval University. He has worked primarily in setting up and carrying out large-scale products using geographic information systems (GIS) applied, among other things, to infrastructure surveys and land management.

In addition to having worked as a volunteer for more than 20 years in different professional organizations, we should point out his leadership role in projects such as:

-the conversion of Videotron’s cable TV network into digital format.

-the large-scale mapping using digital photogrammetry of the territories served by the Gaz Métro distribution network.

-the production of some 600,000 parcels of land as part of a cadastral renovation on behalf of the Cadastre (Land Registry) Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

-the survey of infrastructures and pre-engineering as part of the deployment of the Fibe fibre-optic network in Quebec and Ontario for Bell.

-his particular involvement in the wood pole inspection program for Hydro-Québec’s distribution network since 2005.

-the setting up of Bell’s overhead infrastructure inspection program.