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Effigis DSG1 Lite/DRV3 Lite kit scores a 4 Diamonds Rating from BTR’s Diamond Technology Reviews 2016

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Effigis Geo-Solutions Inc., is proud to announce that it received a 4 Diamonds score from BTR’s (Broadband Technology Report) Diamond Technology Reviews 2016, for its DSG1 Lite/DRV3 Lite Kit, which was released at Cable-Tec Expo, held in Philadelphia, in September 2016. Effigis’ DSG1 Lite/DRV3 Lite Kit has been recognized as an outstanding product with unique features and performance that provide clear benefits.

According to Daniel Babeux (VP Business Development – Effigis): “The DRV3/DSG1 Lite Kit ensures total quality for in-house installations by tracking potential cable shielding integrity issues. With its ‘pressure test’ mode using high RF level carriers, we are facilitating the detection of cable leakage problems. Performing a pressure test while the fulfillment technician is on the client’s premises provides an effective and unique opportunity to clear up any shielding integrity issues before they transform into costly service calls.”

This was well-liked by Diamonds judges who were impressed by the idea of a high level signal for small leaks, and the use of two frequencies.

To find out more about the DRV3 Lite/DSG1 Lite:

BTR’s Diamond Technology Reviews, now in their thirteenth year, is a technology recognition program wherein vendors serving the broadband cable industry are invited to submit information about products that have been released or upgraded since last year’s SCTE Cable-Tec Expo (held in October 2015).

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