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Effigis, Earth Observation Service Provider for the European Space Agency

MONTREAL, July 17, 2019 – Effigis Geo-Solutions (Effigis), a Quebec-based company who designs, uses and implements geospatial-intelligence driven solutions, is now part of a consortium of service providers selected by the European Space Agency‘s Earth Observation Clinic (EO Clinic).

Launched in March 2019, the EO Clinic is a service centre designed to provide a rapid response in support of international development projects by leveraging a variety of skills and experience in the development and implementation of geospatial solutions.

Effigis is one of three consortia of EO service providers covering several areas, including agriculture, climate change, forestry and transportation. In the consortium led by the European company Everis, Effigis is the selected supplier for mandates related to energy and natural resources. Effigis may be called upon to provide services such as image processing and interpretation, geospatial information extraction, map production, and the design and implementation of web mapping applications.

The EO Clinic provides the European Space Agency with access to teams of pre-qualified Earth Observation Service experts ready to deliver solutions to small-scale international development projects within a maximum of three months. It is also an opportunity for the Agency to explore more innovative EO products.

This two-year activity will enable Effigis to consolidate its leadership position in the industry, raise awareness about the quality of its services and strengthen its relationships with international development organizations.