Design and Engineering

Design of Power Lines

Entrust us with the design, construction of your high, medium and low voltage power lines.

  • Selection of power line route
  • Design of the line
  • Preparation of tender documents for construction
  • Assistance with bidding and construction supervision
  • Preparation of easement location diagrams and acquisition requests
  • Assist in permitting process

Analysis of the State of the Networks

Evaluate each major component of your transmission or distribution network to better plan your maintenance work, your budgets and update your asset inventory.

  • Identification of safety, operational and maintenance issues
  • Creation of deficiency reports
  • Team of experienced designers and engineers

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Structural Analysis

Get structural analysis calculations and required maintenance recommendations from our condition assessment measurements and data.

  • Support for the use of advanced structural analysis software

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Standards Development

Improve safety, reduce downtime and save money by using our standards and drawings for power line and substation construction and maintenance.

  • Standards that meet local, provincial and federal requirements
  • Clarification of calls for tender
  • Construction and compliance standardization
  • Cost reduction and efficiency of material supply

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Project Management

Let us oversee the construction of your power lines, including safety requirements, material procurement and construction management.

  • Archaeological assessment
  • Obtaining permits
  • GIS mapping and 3D modeling
  • Surveying and layout work
  • Documentation and drawing of the land for the clearing and construction of the road