Pléiades Satellite Images | NMSO Approved

More than 4.2 million km2 acquired over Canada in 2015!

The Pléiades very-high-resolution constellation is NMSO approved for the purchase of satellites images for the Government of Canada. Pléiades 1A and 1B can produce Earth surface images with a resolution of 50 cm, which positions them among the best performing sources of very high spatial resolution in the world for satellite imagery. With their unparalleled precision and quality, they can be used to view landscapes in 3D and to extract many different types of useful information in various fields, whether land-use knowledge and management, natural resource management or infrastructure monitoring.

Why you should choose Pléiades imagery:

  • Detailed & Precise: 50-cm resolution, 4 multispectral bands (12 bits per band)
  • Available & Flexible: Exceptional acquisition capacity
  • Fast & Frequent: Daily revisit capability




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