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PRESS RELEASE: Effigis Intensifies Business Development in South America

Montreal, May 16, 2013 – Effigis (formerly VIASAT GeoTechnologies, VGI Solutions in the US) today announced that its highly popular CPAT FLEX Leakage/Ingress Monitoring System will be distributed in Colombia by Metricom Ltda. The agreement takes effect immediately.

Effigis is a recognized leader in North America for the delivery of leakage/ingress monitoring solutions and currently serves a significant number of MSOs evolving in the broadband cable market in North America and Europe

Metricom is a Colombian company whose highly qualified team has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Metricom, which presently has clients in Colombia, Central America and the Andean Region, will distribute CPAT FLEX products in Colombia.

“We have been pursuing a worldwide expansion strategy for several months now,” said Daniel Babeux, Vice-President, Business Development – Broadband Networks at Effigis. “South America is a very active and highly promising market for our products, and we’re delighted to partner with Metricom to efficiently market our products to Colombia.”

“We believe CPAT FLEX products perfectly complement those in our existing portfolio, and their inclusion will enable us to deliver more comprehensive and cost-effective leakage and ingress monitoring tools to broadband operators in Colombia,” added Luis Eduardo Gonzalez, General Manager at Metricom.

About Effigis

Recognized as a leader in the geomatics sector, Effigis (formerly VIASAT GeoTechnologies, VGI Solutions in the US) has been providing innovative geospatial solutions since 1991. Telecommunications network monitoring, infrastructure inventory, GNSS software, Earth Observation services, geological studies: we are a one-stop source for all our clients’ geoinformation needs.

About Metricom Ltda

Metricom Ltda is a Colombian company with over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry in Colombia, the Andean region and Central America. Our solid organizational infrastructure is based on the ISO 9001 model. Thanks to our constantly evolving human resources and cutting edge technology, combined with the effective support of the leading global companies we represent, we provide solutions with a strong commitment to fully meet our clients’ expectations while generating social development and profitability for our partners.