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Record+ now incorporates FieldApex nitrogen prescriptions

Logiag customers may now sign up for a management support plan that includes optimizing nitrogen management and informs them on their crop health

MONTREAL, December 7, 2018Logiag, an agro-environmental consulting business, and Effigis Geo-Solutions (Effigis), a Quebec-based technology innovation company in geospatial solutions, announced today that they are combining their expertise so Logiag can offer its customers environmental management support plans that include optimizing nitrogen management.

Under the terms of the agreement between the two companies, the FieldApex application and the Record+ software will be interconnected for subscribers to access their nitrogen prescription directly from the software. Prescriptions will first target corn, and eventually potatoes. In addition, subscribers may view FieldApex’s value-added products free of charge, such as crop health maps, which help identifying issues in the fields.

“Managing nitrogen is essential to support farmers in the sound environmental management of their farms,” Jacques Nault, Logiag’s Vice President, Agronomy, explained. “It made sense to integrate FieldApex with Record+, since the platform recommends nitrogen rates based on a long-proven algorithm”, he added.

According to a recent survey of FieldApex users in Quebec and Ontario, more than 90% are satisfied with the rates that were prescribed for the 2018 season. “It’s a great success,” said Nicos Keable-Vézina, agronomist and director, precision agriculture, at Effigis. Considering the dry weather this season, the rates recommended by FieldApex were much lower than standard rates, resulting in significantly lower production costs for farm producers. “We are looking forward to receiving all 2018 yield data from fields where FieldApex prescriptions were used, to compare them with the economically optimal rates once they become available,” he continued.

The benefits of the partnership are clear for both companies. FieldApex nitrogen prescriptions will integrate with Record+ in a global fertilization approach, while interconnecting the platforms will facilitate the development of new precision farming tools that leverage crop health maps and artificial intelligence algorithms.

About Logiag

Logiag is a Quebec-based consulting company in agronomy, agro-environment and information technology. The company stands out for its dynamic and innovative business model. Logiag designed and developed LaserAg, a system that uses laser technology to perform leaf and soil analysis. Logiag has about 40 employees working in five divisions: Agronomic Services; IT Services; Agricultural Commercialization Services for Fertilizing Residual Materials; Plot Layout and Rural Engineering Services; and LaserAg System and Technology Production and Distribution. Logiag caters to clients mostly in Quebec, but also in the rest of Canada and the United States. Learn more at

About FieldApex

FieldApex is a farm input management platform that facilitates decision-making while maximizing agricultural profitability. Accurate, trusted, and simple, it complements the tools currently on the market and aims to interconnect with major platforms. FieldApex is developed and validated by agronomists and independent scientists. It intends to become a global premier platform as it connects to the industry’s leading precision agriculture platforms. It is marketed by Effigis Geo-Solutions. More information on



Jacques Nault et Nicos Keable-Vézina are available for interview upon request.

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