Scan Information Sheet

How to use the SCAN algorithm in 2018?

SCAN is an easy-to-use tool for determining a nitrogen dose close to the Economically Optimal Nitrogen Rate (EONR). The tool requires the input of some agronomic and economic parameters. It is directly connected to a network of weather stations, which automates the calculation of the nitrogen dose according to historical and future precipitation data. The tool targets post-emergence fertilization for grain corn. Other productions will be added over the years.

What is the Economically Optimal Nitrogen Rate?

The Economically Optimal Nitrogen Rate (EONR) is the amount of nitrogen that a mineral fertilizer brings while maximizing profit. A nitrogen dose that is higher than the EONR may increase total yield but decrease profitability. The EONR varies from site to site and from year to year. Weather and agronomic conditions play a major role in his determination. Thus, given the variation of the EONR over time, a fixed dose is by definition imprecise. SCAN takes this variation into account and is moving closer to the EONR over the years.