Sound infrastructure management ensures the reliability of power lines and optic fiber, as well as cable and cellular networks. It also reduces owner liability, keeps the public and workers safe, and minimizes environmental impacts.

We continue to build on 25 years of experience across Canada to help energy, telecommunications and mining organisations, as well as any power line or power systems owner, manage and extend the service life of their networks. Drawing on a sophisticated logistics approach and a specialised workforce meeting recognized health and safety standards, we are able to deploy our staff over vast territories to deliver services such as infrastructure inventory, pole audit and inspection, stubbing and power line condition assessment.

Ultimately, our systems translate into optimized asset management, including improved financial planning and budgeting, shortened time-to-delivery and cost savings.

Infrastructure Inventory

We provide our clients with turnkey item inventory and survey services. So far, we’ve collected millions of assets and stand out as a leader in infrastructure inventory in Canada.

Owing to our well-defined, stringent quality assurance and certification processes, the reliability of the data we provide saves time when it comes to network design, engineering and construction. We locate your assets with a high degree of confidence, thanks to our team of professionals involved in satellite positioning since 1990.

We also rely on a well-trained team of more than 130 technicians and field workers equipped with state-of-the art positioning technologies and mobile mapping service. Our process optimization, including our real-time fleet management, help us maximize logistics for the benefit of our clients.

Pole Inspection

Our teams in the field inspect poles for major defects such as rot and ground damages, as well as head degradation. Minor defaults are also registered in data models specifically adapted to fit the needs of our clients. From the data collected in the field, including specific measurements, we can perform a structural analysis and assess the status of the pole based on industry’s best practices and in accordance with our client recommendations. If applicable, we apply a treatment to the pole to extend its service life.

The treatment products that we utilize are environmentally friendly and applied by licensed applicators. Our designers and engineers make maintenance recommendations and deliver comprehensive reports, databases and detailed maps. One of the recommendations resulting from field inspections may be to reinforce the pole using a steel stub. This process restores both the structural capacity and safety of the existing pole, and prolongs the life of the pole thereby greatly reducing replacement costs, particularly in remote areas.

Condition Assessment

We offer pole condition assessment packages and in-depth analysis that help you plan and budget for repairs, rehabilitation, replacement, brushing and contingencies. Moreover, they help you manage your asset inventory. This includes the identification of safety, operational and maintenance concerns.

Our condition assessment services reduce the liability associated with the operation of the system and create manageable rehabilitation packages that can be budgeted, tendered and completed as per client specific requirements.

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