Effigis has been providing leakage and ingress control services for HFC networks since 1995. These services complement our product and service line for Smart Cities.

Through our Research & Development Department, we have created unique detection and localization technology that provides the most effective and economical leakage audit patrol service available.

Quick positioning and unparalleled precision

Outfitted with these highly automated systems, our patrol units conduct rapid RF detection and accurate GPS positioning of all of a network’s leakage points. Ingress points on bidirectional networks can also be detected at the same time. The leakage indexes (CLI and ELD) obtained following our audits are officially recognized by Industry Canada and the FCC in the US.

Choose simplicity

Define the limits of your network and the desired audit frequency, and let us do the rest:
  • We prepare a map tailored to your network and your needs
  • We organize and conduct patrols on board specially equipped vehicles, operated by specialized technicians
  • We process the results, ensuring that government standards are respected (Canada: BPR-8 and FCC in the U.S)
  • We analyze the information collected and give you accurate results that all the members of your team can easily access using the CPAT Web application
We can also efficiently and quickly fix problems identified during the audit patrols. Find out more in our Repair Services section.

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Quebec, ontario and eastern canada

Claude Levasseur

Senior Vice-President – Geospatial & Asset Management