At Effigis, we strive to optimize both infrastructure inspections of your telecommunications networks, and the quality and longevity of their broadband networks. Since 1995, we offer cable operators a proven, affordable leakage and ingress audit patrol and repair services. While our service improves the quality of your networks, you no longer need to worry about managing complex, costly operations. We also believe that in a context of lack of qualified resources, the outsourcing approach will help your organization focus on achieving your business goals.

Our crews of specialized technicians are quick and efficient at providing the most cost-effective audit patrol and repair services available on the market, as they are equipped with the unique CPAT FLEX detection and localization technologies that our Research & Development Department has developed and trademarked over the years.

Audit Patrols

Our patrol units use sophisticated, automated equipment to conduct rapid RF detection and geopositioning of all your network’s leakage points with unparalleled precision. While conducting their audit, they can also detect ingress points on bidirectional networks. Patrol maps are tailored to your network and needs. Results are processed to ensure compliance with federal regulations (BPR-8 in Canada and FCC in the U.S.). Once the data is collected and analyzed, it is transferred on our CPAT Web application, which our clients can access to generate reports.

Repair Services

You may choose simplicity and leave us the task to repair leakage and ingress issues in your HFC networks. Just set your goals and your budget. We will dispatch teams of specially trained technicians to do the work. We make sure to strictly control all steps and contact and revisit absent clients. You will be delivered complete, accurate reports updated on a daily basis, which your team can consult on the Web anytime, anywhere. We also offer a turnkey solution where we take over the comprehensive management of repair operations, including goal monitoring and work order assignments.

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