In-Home Leakage Detection Solution

Portable tools for easy onsite location of leakage

DRV3 Lite, DRV3 Lite Mobile App, DSG1 Lite

The CPAT FLEX In-Home Leakage Detection Solution ensures total quality for in-home installations by detecting potential cable shielding integrity issues.

Cable leakage problems are easily located while the fulfillment technician is on site, thanks to the “pressure test” mode that relies on high RF level carriers.


Bundled Kit Content

  • Portable Leakage Detector DRV3 Lite;
  • Digital Signal Generator DSG1 Lite;
  • Mobile Leakage Detector App DRV3 Lite.

Portable Digital Leakage Receiver (DRV3 Lite)

The DRV3 Lite is a portable dual-band digital signal leakage receiver designed to operate as a find-and-fix meter for digital and analog CATV systems.

Testing approaches

  • System test mode – Detects leakage carriers from the Digital Signal Generator DSG1 from the head-end;
  • Pressure test mode - With the portable DSG1 Lite.

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Portable Digital Signal Generator (DSG1 Lite)

The DSG1 Lite portable dual-band digital signal generator inserts a high-level signal in order to perform a “pressure test” at the customer’s access point, from tap to CPE.

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Mobile Digital Leakage Detector App (DRV3 Lite Mobile)

  • Connectivity via Bluetooth;
  • Simultaneous mid-band and LTE signal level display;
  • Real-time histogram display to help locate sources;
  • Insertion of local events into the CPAT FLEX system.

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