Ingress Detection Solution

Reduce mean time to repair from days to hours

ARD4, CPAT FLEX Server, IRX1, ITX2, RIM Mobile App

The CPAT FLEX Ingress Detection Solution automatically detects, records and dispatches ingress events, with unmatched speed and accuracy. Why? Simple. It is the only GPS-based ingress monitoring system on the market.

The days when technicians blindly searched for network impairments are over. With our Ingress Detection Solution, they can troubleshoot straight to the source, bringing the mean time to repair (MTTR) down from days to hours.

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New! Ingress Digital Receiver (IRXD)

  • Makes all of CPAT FLEX Ingress solutions fully R-PHY compatible;
  • Enables monitoring of up to 1,000 Remote PHY devices;
  • Reduces space and power consumption in the head-end;
  • Detects, measures and localizes ingress events via our CPAT Web mobile application.

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Portable Ingress Radio Transmitter (ITX2)

The ITX2 is a portable ingress radio transmitter that precisely locates ingress problems. Transmitting a low-power test signal in the upstream cable bandwidth, it can be used as a mobile find-and-fix tool or it can be connected to the Mobile Control Module ARD4 to automatically locate ingress problems when driving in the operator’s territory as part of the technician’s daily work routine.

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Head-End Ingress Receiver (IRX1)

The IRX1 Head-end ingress receiver identifies the capture points in the network and sends all relevant information to the CPAT FLEX Server. In turn, the web application precisely displays the capture point levels and their geographical location.

To do so, the IRX1 is installed at the headend/hub location. It detects and analyses the return path test signals transmitted by the ITX2 portable ingress transmission devices across the entire network.

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Real-Time Ingress Monitoring Mobile Application (RIM)

  • Connectivity via Bluetooth;
  • Simultaneous mid-band and LTE signal level display;
  • Real-time histogram display to help locate sources;
  • Insertion of local events into the CPAT FLEX system.

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Autonomous Recording Device (ARD4)

The ARD4 autonomous recording device is the key component of CPAT FLEX. This autonomous recording device pairs with our family of products to:
  • Manage GPS positioning in real time;
  • Record both egress and ingress events, and;
  • Upload egress and ingress data points to the CPAT FLEX server for reporting and closing of work orders.

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  • Data management;
  • Dispatch of egress and ingress trouble tickets;
  • Web-hosting services;
  • Data reporting and customized extraction.

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