Mid-Band Continuous Patrol Detection Solution

ARD4, CPAT FLEX Server, DRV3, DRV3 Lite, DRV4, DSG1

The CPAT FLEX Mid-Band Continuous Patrol Detection Solution accurately detects and measures signal leakage within the LTE and aeronautical frequency bands. Used jointly with the Mobile Control Module ARD4, it automatically:

  • Monitors leakage events;
  • Records the data with a time/date stamp;
  • Records the leak’s GPS location.

In addition, the system uploads the captured data to the CPAT FLEX Server for further analysis.

Portable Dual-Band Leakage Detector for All-Digital Networks (DRV3)

The DRV3 is a portable leakage receiver for finding and fixing signal leaks in all-digital cable distribution networks. The DRV3 has a rugged housing and is easy to use. It is an indispensable tool that will enable your teams to make repairs more effectively. It can also be integrated into the CPAT FLEX system for automated detection.

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New! Vehicle-Based Leakage Detection Module (DRV4)

The DRV4 module is a vehicle-based solution, requiring no technician interface for leakage monitoring within the cable operator network.
It is fully agile from 118-140 MHz (mid-band) and 600-860 MHz (LTE-band) allowing operators the flexibility in frequency selection.

When connected to the Mobile Control Module ARD4, it will upload detected events for further reporting and analysis through the CPAT FLEX Server.

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Portable Continuous Patrol Leakage Receiver for Mid-Band (DRV3 Lite)

The DRV3 Lite is a low-cost portable leakage receiver used by technicians assigned to on-site interventions for finding and fixing signal leakages.

When connected to the Mobile Control Receiver ARD4, it serves as an automatic leakage detection module exclusively in the mid-band.

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Autonomous Recording Device (ARD4)

The Autonomous Recording Device is the key component of CPAT FLEX. It pairs with our family of products to:
  • Manage GPS positioning in real time;
  • Record both egress and ingress events, and;
  • Upload egress and ingress data points to the CPAT FLEX server for reporting and closing of work orders.

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Digital Signal Generator (DSG1)

The Digital Signal Generator is a dual-band digital signal generator that inserts a low-level digital signal between QAMs, without causing interference or MER degradation.

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  • Data management;
  • Dispatch of egress and ingress trouble tickets;
  • Web-hosting services;
  • Data reporting and customized extraction.

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