Improve your geological understanding of the territory being investigated. Our geologists map your sector of interest, using satellite and geophysical data. The services we provide in this field area have been designed to support mineral and oil and gas exploration work, as well as civil engineering work.

Based on the integrated analysis of satellite data, geophysical data and geochemical data, remote geological mapping deliver early structural and lithological information related to bedrock geology, as well as to quaternary cover, guiding the geologists during the planning of field works. The services we provide include:
  • Integration of geological data and value added products generation.
  • Lithological and structural Interpretation of selected area.
  • Production of lithostructural maps.
  • Geological maps update.
  • Technical reports.


Image: Geological map produced by telecartography and field validation, Burkina Faso

Spectral analysis

The information produced from this analysis allows to better understand the stratigraphical framework and to target exploration sectors to be investigated. The services we provide include:
  • Acquisition of multispectral, hyperspectral or radar satellite data;
  • Spectral analysis to produce lithological information;
  • Reconnaissance of hydrothermal alteration;
  • Production of mineral maps;
  • Technical reports.
Image: Mineral map generated from multispectral data, ASTER, Africa