We are leaders in GIS, with 25 years in the business. Thanks to our multidisciplinary resources and our extensive knowledge of GIS technologies, we are in a good position to deliver innovative solutions that become valuable decision support tools for your organization.

Data Integration and Certification

Organizations are increasingly faced with the use of geospatial data from multiple sources likely to greatly impact the quality of corporate decision-making. For this reason, the assessment of data acquired over time, combined with the integration of new sources of information and the multiplication of capture methods, is a painstaking exercise for a layperson.

Building on our experience in the field, our team of professionals is able to analyze and certify the integrity of your data by using analytics, thus leveraging all of your geospatial data for the benefit of your organization.

Geospatial Solutions Development

We help optimize your business intelligence by developing geospatial solutions in line with your business processes. Our approach includes data integrity analysis, solutions and process development, metadata generation, online data publishing (Web GIS) and implementation of customized solutions, including hardware. Our specialists fully master key GIS and DBMS technologies. They are also involved in Open Source technologies.

Land Management

Effigis gives you a clear picture of your property titles and can meet all your cadastral mapping needs. We search for, interpret, describe and position your immovable property rights in connection with cadastral identification, connect cadastre-based data with environmental data, prepare official documents based on laws and regulations, generate technical descriptions aimed at identifying and positioning easements, and deliver expert reports prepared by our land issues professionals.

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