Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Optimize your business intelligence with our innovative GIS-based solutions.

Facilitate decision-making

Our innovative geospatial solutions based on geographical information systems (GIS) solutions are valuable tools for decision making. As a leader in this field, Effigis has over 25 years of experience in analyzing, designing, development and implementing GIS systems.

Customized solution

Whether for strategic planning or the management of your activities, we can deliver turnkey services that include all data life cycle steps, from acquisition to distribution, including updating.

Direct your decision making

With our global vision, multidisciplinary resources and exceptional knowledge of the key GIS technologies, we can provide solutions that become valuable decision support tools and help optimize processes. These solutions are adapted to many areas of activity: telecommunications, energy, transportation, municipal affairs, applications for intelligent cities, etc. so that you can have a solution that specifically meets your needs.

Choose innovation

Business intelligence optimization using geospatial information involves a certain number of steps. These steps enable us to understand your business process and respond effectively to your requirements:
  • Needs analysis
  • Data quality integration and certification
  • Metadata production
  • Online data dissemination (Web GIS)
  • Development and implementation of custom solutions
  • Engineering and integration of complete solutions including electronic equipment
  • Mastery of the main GIS and DBMS technologies
  • Involvement in Open Source technologies

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Quebec, ontario and eastern canada

Claude Levasseur

Senior Vice-President – Geospatial & Asset Management