Transform imagery to suit your needs.

Credit: © BlackBridge, Sensor: Spot 5, Mingan Islands (Quebec, Canada), 02/09/2008

Effigis has been assisting its clients with their Earth Observation projects for more than 25 years. Besides providing you with satellite images tailored to your needs, we offer the image processing you need to conduct your projects. This high value-added processing ranges from improving image quality to producing geospatial information using the latest techniques.

3D Modeling

The 3D modeling services provided by Effigis give you a faithful, accurate representation of your area of interest, whether on the surface or underground

Environmental monitoring

Effigis provides a range of services for monitoring environmental changes and the condition of natural resources. Our operational solutions help you manage or exploit natural resources, and form valuable tools to, for example, monitor climate changes, natural disasters or urban sprawl.

Standard image processing

The standard image processing we offer can improve geometry and radiometry so you can make the most of the features in your satellite images.


Interferometric processing helps produce highly accurate digital surface models, as well as detect tiny deformations or displacements.


The different types of image classifications we do help in producing thematic maps quickly and effectively.

Topographic mapping

We produce the highest quality topographic information and digital elevation models.

Thematic mapping

Effigis produces a number of map products tailored to its clients’ specific needs. Effective analysis, decision support and communication tools, both accessible and indispensable.

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