Detection with centimeter accuracy of small surface movements and infrastructure instability.

Interferometry helps to detect millimeter-to centimeter-scale horizontal and vertical displacements. By producing digital surface models (DSM) spanning very broad areas, it is possible to detect and assess very small ground deformations or structural movements (dams, pipelines, buildings, etc.).

The interferometric data our specialists use are acquired by radar sensors during successive passes over a given site.

Why Interferometry?

  • To measure slow surface deformation phenomena such as subsidence and conditions leading to landslides, ground subsidence due to melting permafrost
  • To measure displacements of dams, pipelines, buildings, transport infrastructure, etc.
  • To monitor stability of slopes and/or mine tailings
  • To monitor surface displacements on open pit and subsurface mines
  • To monitor ground surface subsidence caused by oil or gas extraction or other underground operations.


  • Adaptable to small or large areas (from 1 km2 to 10,000 km2)
  • Minimizes expensive ground work
  • Cost effective (spatially dense measurements at fraction of cost of other survey techniques)
  • Allows monitoring at pre-determined intervals
  • Provides long-term solution to ground movement monitoring
  • Reduce risk of environmental hazards
  • Reduces economic risks
  • Operational in all weather conditions

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