Identify and follow up on changes that happen anywhere on the planet.

Effigis provides a range of services for monitoring environmental changes and the condition of natural resources.

Our operational solutions help you manage or exploit natural resources, and form valuable tools to, for example, monitor climate changes, natural disasters or urban sprawl.

Change detection

Our change detection services are used to:
  • assess logging activities and damage caused by insects, forest fires and other reasons;
  • assist companies with respect to their obligations towards sustainable development reporting;
  • monitor urban sprawl;
  • monitor the replacement of forested areas with farmland or urban areas;
  • monitor wetlands;
  • map and update maps of elements sensitive to the implementation of new hydroelectric, oil, mining, etc. infrastructures;
  • detect cm-scale surface movements impacting critical infrastructures.

Crop yield

Our specialists help you develop crop analysis tools, using satellite images. Crop yield diagnostic tools can be used to:
  • assess plant growth stage and ground cover;
  • estimate relative chlorophyll concentration of chlorophyll in vegetation;
  • produce a vegetation index to indicate crop vigor;
  • assess relative crop yields;
  • identify crop management areas;
  • produce economic yield maps.

Natural disasters

Satellite imagery, acquired in urgent mode, help you plan and manage your onsite activities. We can support the tracking of catastrophes and natural disasters by:
  • acquiring high resolution satellite images in emergency tasking mode (floods, earthquakes, forest fires, etc.);
  • rapidly extracting tactical information for emergency situations;
  • providing expertise in the use of radar images in case of heavy cloud cover, particularly for floods.

Environmental analyses

Our services allow you to thoroughly document your environmental impact studies. You will then be able to clearly demonstrate your sustainability commitments. We help you prepare or document your environmental impact studies and reclamation plans by:
  • analyzing your needs for environmental information;
  • providing environmental information in response to those needs;
  • producing technical reports.

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