Improve the quality and optimize the utility of your satellite images

Let our specialists improve the quality and utility of your satellite images. We carry out several types of image processing to facilitate information extraction.


  • Use of digital elevation models (DEM) to minimize geometric errors and enable the overlay of existing map layers.
  • Block adjustment to obtain a seamless mosaic of images.

Mosaic creation

  • Possibility to seamlessly cover vast areas at various resolutions.
  • Possibility to combine images from different sensors into a single mosaic.

Other services offered:

  • Colour balancing: Improvement of color homogeneity for images acquired in different seasons.
  • Enhancement: selected and adjusted to highlight specific features, for example vegetation index, band ratioing, principal component analysis, reduction of atmospheric and cloud effects, touchups to eliminate artifacts.
  • Image fusion: multiresolution (creation of an image combining the spatial resolution of one type of image with the spectral resolution of another), multisensor (creation of an image combining images from various sensors, for example radar and optical).
  • Colour compounding: combinations of spectral bands suitable for highlighting specific observational information, for example natural colors, false colors.

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