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The science of turning data into intelligence

Strategic geospatial information for land management

You own vast amounts of data. Today’s extensive satellite imagery databases contain a wealth of information. As for Effigis, with more than 25 years of experience in designing geospatial solutions, we are experts in the science of querying data and turning it into intelligence.

Your case is unique, and we are committed to generating information that meets your specific needs. We carefully select data sources, then craft a solution that combines the most suitable techniques to extract, process and analyze data. Next, we train artificial intelligence models, query them and validate the results, to provide you with precise and reliable strategic information.


Utility Vegetation Management

Vegetation growth near distribution and transmission lines has a direct and quantifiable impact on the reliability of networks. In fact, vegetation management is often the largest expense related to network maintenance. Electrical utilities are seeing a steady increase in difficulties achieving integrated vegetation management with traditional methods. According to experts, these problems occur primarily because of a combination of factors such as cumbersome manual work processes (both in the field and at the management level), accumulation of delays in scheduled annual trimming cycles, difficulty obtaining a complete overview of risks to their assets, low level of adoption of available technological solutions and cost of operations. For those reasons, Effigis has developed a turnkey solution for vegetation inventory assessment to help utilities face these challenges.

Stormwater management

Local governments are facing the increasing challenge of sustainable storm water management in the context of climate change causing growing precipitations that put pressure on aging infrastructure and augment the risk of flooding. Our stormwater mapping service helps build resilient communities, environmental sustainability and stormwater fee fairness based on reliable and precise geographic information. We provide complete and accurate impervious surface planimetrics from your aerial imagery.


Vietnam is engaged in the generation of clean and renewable energy. To support this initiative, Effigis has implemented a cost-effective solution using satellite imagery in conjunction with artificial intelligence. The goal was to characterize the rooftops that are best suited for solar panel installation.

Environment and land monitoring

Land monitoring is paramount to assess change in forests, water bodies and cities. By using satellite image time series in conjunction with object recognition techniques, Effigis designs solutions that keep track of how natural and built-up environments evolve. Our solutions help monitor the state of the environment, speed up natural disaster relief, track reclamation and reconstruction activities, or measure traffic density over time.

Hydrography and oceanography

Ships stranded on a sandbank have devastating human, economic and environmental impacts. More frequent marine traffic in certain areas increases the need for accurate bathymetric charts likely to prevent such accidents. Solutions that merge the abundance of data contained in satellite imagery with the capabilities of artificial intelligence enable mapping and monitoring of shoal movement.


The management of pesticides and fertilizers on agricultural land is a major environmental, economic and health challenge. Effigis designs solutions that provide reliable information supporting decision-making in terms of optimal application rates. To this end, we use various techniques to track changes in soil moisture content, monitor plant growth, and detect diseases, weeds and pests.

Signal dispersion analysis

Our 3D models and clutter data enables signal propagation analysis with unmatched precision on the market. Based on very high quality and resolution aerial imagery, our geospatial information products detail the elements to consider for a successful propagation analysis and network design.

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