Land Management

Modernize your real estate securities (easements, property title certificates, emphyteutic leases) with the help of our professionals.

Unique consulting services

Effigis works with companies in identifying and managing their properties. Our team has immense experience acquired over the past 20 years in the Quebec Cadastral Reform Program, This unique expertise is a major asset, since we can offer consulting services world-wide, e.g., in Latin America and Africa, where property management reform programs are taking off.

Analyzing, communicating or making a decision

Our property management services provide you with reliable data for analyzing, making decisions and communicating any property management project. We can also oversee the management of your property titles, including easements, property titles and emphyteutic leases.

For a clear picture of your property titles

Effigis offers to:
  • search for, interpret, describe and position your immovable property rights with relation to the cadastral identification;
  • spatially relate cadastre based data with environmental data;
  • produce official documents based on effective laws and regulations;
  • produce technical descriptions to identify and position easements;
  • produce every document or expert’s report.

Experienced professionals

Our team of experts master geomatic methods and technologies in property management. Our professionals, who belong to the Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec, can take charge of all your property management activities while maintaining unmatched rigour and quality.

Cadastral renewal

We can meet all your cadastral mapping needs.

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Quebec, ontario and eastern canada

Claude Levasseur

Senior Vice-President – Geospatial & Asset Management