Whether at a local, regional or continental scale, Effigis has been supporting you with your exploration efforts for more than 20 years by giving you the solutions you need.

Increase your chances of discovery

We help you take advantage of your maps and data from geological, geophysical or geochemical surveys. In applying their experience in spatial analysis to mineral and oil and gas exploration, our specialists merge your data with our satellite products. We identify for you the best targets to investigate in the field. And you reduce the risks and costs associated with your exploration efforts.

Our spatial analysis and data modeling services include:

  • Integration of mineral and structural information derived from remote sensing, geophysics and geochemistry in a predictive ore deposit model
  • Analysis of spatial relationships between integrated parameters and their contributions in ore deposit models
  • Spatial modeling to produce mineral potential maps or maps of prospective oil and gas exploration areas
  • Technical reports and recommendations