As an owner of electricity grids, your governing safety authority is entitled to inspect your structures at any time to confirm compliance with relevant CSA standards, provincial safety standards Acts and possible federal regulations.

We help you meet these requirements by performing technical engineering tasks related to transmission and distribution design planning, structural analysis and standards development, as well as project and construction management.

We provide efficient, reliable, innovative, top quality and cost-effective solutions tailored to our customers’ goals, budgets, timeline and environmental concerns.

Power Line Design

Our team is experienced in the design, construction and operation of high and low voltage power lines. We can work with you to select a route for the power line, obtain the required permits, design the line, prepare bidding documents for construction, assist in the bidding and supervise construction. We can also prepare easement location drawings, obtain regulatory right-of-way permits and assist in preparing applications for easement acquisition.

Condition Analysis

We assess the existing condition of your system, including each major component of the transmission, distribution or secondary asset. Safety, operational and maintenance concerns are identified. Our assessment will outline system deficiencies and can be used for rehabilitation, maintenance, contingency planning, long range planning and budgeting, short range work plans, asset inventory and long-term forecasting. Condition analysis is completed by trained and experienced staff. Packages are prepared by experienced designers or engineers.

Structural Analysis

Relying on measurements and data collected from our pole condition assessment, we conduct structural analysis calculations, on the basis of which we recommend pole maintenance activities. We can also offer assistance to our clients for structural analysis on state-of-the-art software such as PLS-CADD, of which we have a long-standing experience.

Standards Development

We develop standards and drawings for power line and substation construction, when needed. The standards we build are based on local, provincial and federal requirements.

The purpose of this development is to improve the overall safety in construction and maintenance; reduce the liability to our clients when operating private systems; streamline and clarify any tendering processes; allow for standardized construction and compliance; provide cost-effective material purchasing; and decrease overall maintenance costs. The end result will reduce outage time, provide cost savings, improve reliability and increase safety and compliance, not only for design and construction, but also for materials.

Project Management

Effigis can complete the required surveying, staking, permitting, documentation, and field layout for timber removal and road construction. Our team has the knowledge and experience to oversee the actual construction of the power line, including all safety requirements, material procurement and construction management. In addition, we offer archeological assessment services, navigable waters applications, environmental permitting, GIS mapping and 3D modeling of your site.

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