Effigis can repair leakage and ingress problems in your HFC networks.

Our teams of specialists get to work in the field effectively and rapidly. Our proven, affordable services let you improve the quality of your networks without having to worry about managing complex, costly operations.

Leave your problems to us

Define your goals and set your budget, and let us do the rest:
  • We dispatch teams of specially trained technicians to do the work
  • We strictly control all steps in the work
  • We contact and revisit absent clients
  • We give you complete, accurate reports, updated daily. Your team can consult the reports on the Web at any time
  • We also provide you with a turnkey solution we use for the overall management of repair operations, including monitoring of goals and work allocation

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Quebec, ontario and eastern canada

Claude Levasseur

Senior Vice-President – Geospatial & Asset Management