Utility Vegetation Management

Vegetation growth near distribution and transmission lines has a direct and quantifiable impact on the reliability of networks. In fact, vegetation management is often the largest expense related to network maintenance. Electrical utilities are seeing a steady increase in difficulties achieving integrated vegetation management with traditional methods. According to experts, these problems occur primarily because of a combination of factors such as cumbersome manual work processes (both in the field and at the management level), accumulation of delays in scheduled annual trimming cycles, difficulty obtaining a complete overview of risks to their assets, low level of adoption of available technological solutions and cost of operations. For those reasons, Effigis has developed a turnkey solution for vegetation inventory assessment to help utilities face these challenges.

“Hydro-Sherbrooke needs to leverage innovative solutions for staff augmentation and grid resiliency purposes. Effigis’ solution directly provides operational UVM information that allows us to better budget, plan and prioritize our annual trimming cycle. The inventory of danger and hazard trees is also key in identifying threats to our network, especially since we’ve been experiencing an increase in severe storms. Our pilot project demonstrated very high quality and reliable results that were validated in the field. Our partnership with Effigis has already proven valuable and we look forward to our continued collaboration and the evolution of their solution.”

David Seminaro, Distribution Division Lead, Hydro-Sherbrooke

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